Chapter 4 – Peter’s Repentance

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      Hello Faithful Readers!

      What an amazing chapter. So short, but so powerful. Right out of the gate we have that epic quote about Peter: “Because he had not been brought to an end of himself; he didn’t know himself.” What a glorious irony that until we have completely denied ourselves, we can’t truly know ourselves! How often do we give up so much for Christ and yet try to hold on to pieces of ourselves?

      I love how he talks about the choice we have: deny self or deny Christ, and then makes the comparison to Satan’s choice. Isn’t it amazing? We may worry about Satan tempting us. We may think the “devil makes us do it.” But we don’t need his help! Man’s very nature is not much different from Satan’s.

      But what a wonderful conclusion to the chapter. We can’t rid ourselves of our old nature. Only Christ can! I pray we would all be delivered from the power of self!

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      Absolutely appreciate that quote as it addresses the universal goal, knowing oneself, which most people think they do and/or spend their lives trying to figure out. Even and especially here we need to submit first to His Spirit and Word Who properly and truthfully read us, tell us who we are, who He created us to be and perhaps the dissonance between the two. We deny our self opinion and open our self up to the Master’s original design for us. Otherwise yes, we’re just like satan, whose kingdom actually is ruled by self. Only God’s Spirit can truly humble us and make room in our hearts for His holy presence. Once Peter was humbled, he repented and was able to be transformed. Before that he had surrendered his life, was obedient, had great faith and spiritual insight but the “power of the flesh was still strong” in him. All reminded me of the Casting Crowns song “Follow Me” 🎶 “At the end of yourself, just follow Me..I will give you new life, just follow Me.” That born again new life we as believers have embraced and can more genuinely share the more He is actually the One speaking through us.

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      What a wonderfully convicting chapter! Chapter Four: Peter’s Repentance! I wish I could re-title this chapter as : Carolyn’s Repentance!

      As I read this six-page gem, I underlined and wrote in the margins, as I usually do; however, the only difference with this chapter was that my margins now contain this repeated prayer: “Please, Jesus, I surrender!”

      I thank You, Lord, because surrendering will make me vulnerable, and I feel safe being vulnerable with You. Take me, Lord, and do with me as you need so that I can rid my SELF – my SELF-life, my SELF comfort, my SELF pleasing, and my SELF consciousness. Just as Peter didn’t understand, I don’t fully understand what “Deny SELF” really means. Lord, please help my lack of understanding.

      When I first became a Christian, You began a great work in me. Please continue that great work…I want to be the person you created me to be.

      I want to transform Andrew Murray’s last paragraph on page 44 into a prayer: “Christ Jesus, only You can rid me of my SELF. No one else can deliver me from the power of my SELF. I am, and I will continue to humble my SELF before You, Lord. I willingly want to become vulnerable before You, my Lord and Savior, because I trust You perfectly to do the necessary transforming work within my SELF. Thank You, Jesus. Amen and Amen.”

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