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What a wonderfully convicting chapter! Chapter Four: Peter’s Repentance! I wish I could re-title this chapter as : Carolyn’s Repentance!

As I read this six-page gem, I underlined and wrote in the margins, as I usually do; however, the only difference with this chapter was that my margins now contain this repeated prayer: “Please, Jesus, I surrender!”

I thank You, Lord, because surrendering will make me vulnerable, and I feel safe being vulnerable with You. Take me, Lord, and do with me as you need so that I can rid my SELF – my SELF-life, my SELF comfort, my SELF pleasing, and my SELF consciousness. Just as Peter didn’t understand, I don’t fully understand what “Deny SELF” really means. Lord, please help my lack of understanding.

When I first became a Christian, You began a great work in me. Please continue that great work…I want to be the person you created me to be.

I want to transform Andrew Murray’s last paragraph on page 44 into a prayer: “Christ Jesus, only You can rid me of my SELF. No one else can deliver me from the power of my SELF. I am, and I will continue to humble my SELF before You, Lord. I willingly want to become vulnerable before You, my Lord and Savior, because I trust You perfectly to do the necessary transforming work within my SELF. Thank You, Jesus. Amen and Amen.”