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Gloria Bosak

This was an excellent chapter! So much truth and wisdom packed in a few pages. What a difference it would make to remember that our work does not begin until God reveals it through the Holy Spirit. I love that the great lesson is that the “Holy Spirit is the director of the work of God upon the earth”. We need to seek His direction so that in faithful obedience we can carry out His orders.

It means that we have to seek Him daily and give Him the praise and honor. Our position is waiting at the footstool of His throne prayerfully and humbly until He tells us to act.

I always find it hard to wait. It feels as if I should be contributing somehow to this process:( I suppose that we do not just wait. We prepare our hearts so we can hear. As Murray says, God can only reveal His will to a heart that’s humble, tender and empty—a heart that has learned to obey and honor Him loyally in little things and daily life. As we wait, we pray, trust, surrender and abide in Him. We give the Holy Spirit complete dominion and possession of our lives.