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Carolyn Hayes

I am so glad that as we are reading “Absolute Surrender,” the sermons we are attentively listening to each Sunday at our church are dove-tailing what we are reading. Pastor Eric’s sermon “hit a home run” this morning when his visual aid showed how God fills us to overflowing with His unconditional love, and that love is to be shared and poured into the lives of others. It’s true others may not always “deserve” our love, but if we treat others with the love that God showers upon us – even though we don’t deserve it – people will see our actions and recognize that we are “set apart” for something greater than what the world could ever offer.
Pastor Eric did extend this disclaimer: “For those who are hurting; for those who are depressed; for those who are in an emotional state of deficit; for those who just don’t have enough love to give . . . take the time needed to bask in the love of God until you are emotionally healthy and full enough to give love to others. And, once you start to give some of the love away that you have received from God, the love you’ll receive in return will be boundless.”
I thank God that He doesn’t expect us to do anything He commands without offering to be at our side always . . . never leaving us and never forsaking us . . . always helping us achieve His will for our lives . . . When we ask, God will always “be there” for us in whatever He is commanding us to accomplish. Thank you, Jesus. Amen and Amen.