2023-2024 Youth Group Schedule

Life in Community

9/13 - 10/4
4 Sessions
The "Life in Community" teaching series for teenagers is designed to explore the transforming power of community and emphasize the importance of unity within the context of the church.

Neon Night

This one-off event will be one your students will love! Based around the theme of all things neon, this event is jam-packed with everything you need to pull it off with ease!


10/18 - 11/1
3 Sessions
GOAT is a series from the book of Matthew that helps teenagers see how Jesus is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and challenges them to live out three of his greatest teachings.

Anxiety // Peace

1 Session
You don't have to explain to teenagers that anxiety is on the rise, they know! Talking about anxiety in a real and tender way can help them see that God is also aware and can meet them with His peace.

Thanksgiving Reflection Stations

This event encourages teenagers to reflect on their blessings through six Thanksgiving reflection stations with questions, Scripture, and interactive experiences at each stop. Help your students deepen their understanding of what it means to give thanks and cultivate a heart of gratitude.

Lights, Camera, Christmas

11/29 - 12/13
3 Sessions
Instead of getting lost in the usual celebrations, in this Christmas series, we’ll dive into the real stories, characters, and lessons of the first Christmas to find the love, joy, and peace that are at the heart of the Christmas story. It’s a fresh way to connect with the season and find out how to celebrate the things that truly matter.

Jingle Jam

A 1-off with lots of fun, a short devotional and plenty of time for groups to celebrate the Holidays together. It includes full programming, devotional manuscript, 3 games, transition video, countdown video, and Small Group Guide. This event will have your bells jingling before you know it.

Project Impact

Serve Event
Around Christmas time we realized how blessed we are and how much God has given us. What better way to celebrate this than by giving back to those who are less fortunate? We are looking to partner with Project Kind and pack, collect, or even distribute clothes, food, or other essentials to those who need them.

Habits: Running the Race

1/3 - 2/7
6 Sessions
We are called to run to win in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27! But how do we do that? By building strong HABITS in our lives, spiritual disciplines that will help us to run to win!


3 Sessions
Who are we around others? Who do we feel like we need to be in order to be loved? Sometimes we wear masks around thinking that we need to be anything else in order to be accepted, in order to survive. But we are only called to be who God has created us to be. We are called to be free from the masks we wear.


Are you ready for the most intense 40 hours of your life? Winterblast is a weekend retreat for middle and high school students that's packed with fun, faith, and friendship.You'll fly down the snow tubing hill, play laser tag, and color the snow on the paintball fields. You'll also soak in the wisdom of godly speakers, worship in surround sound, and meet with the God of the universe. But most importantly, you'll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Rewind: The Old Testament

4 Sessions
"Rewind: The Old Testament" is a thought-provoking four-week series that delves deeper into well-known Old Testament stories such as David and Goliath, Jonah and the Whale, Moses and the Red Sea, and Daniel and the Lions’ Den. Each lesson aims to unveil profound truths about God and His nature rather than merely extracting moral lessons.

Against All Odds: Easter Youth Group Service

1 Session
People in Jesus' day would have thought the odds of Him rising from the dead following His death on the cross were likely a million to one. But Jesus defied the odds. It is the miracle of Easter!

One Night: Numb

One Night: Numb is a standalone program for your regular students to invite their non-churched friends. The idea is to help everyone come and see who Jesus is while also having some fun and winning some prizes. The service is designed for the new person in mind and also does a great job of challenging the believers in the room.

Apologetics; 3 Difficult Questions Answered

4 Sessions
This series tackles common faith questions head-on. Through sound biblical answers, this series will help you build a solid foundation for your students' faith and equip them to share it with others.

Relationship Goals

3 Sessions
This series teaches three relationship goals: 1) your actions affect your future; 2) guard your heart, value others, and be honest; and 3) become the right kind of person to attract the right person.

Youth Group Olmpics

The first week of our "Simply Amazing" series explores the path to greatness. And what better way to find out who is the "greatest" than by hosting a Youth Group Olympics? Our youth will compete in the most challenging feats of strength that no youth group has ever accomplished before. All for the ultimate reward: being crowned the "greatest."

Simply Amazing

3 Sessions
This 3-part series highlights Jesus as AMAZING. Scripture reveals people were "amazed" & "astonished" at Jesus. Everywhere He went there were crowds. Jesus continues to amaze & change lives today!

Youth Room Trivia Night

What better way to celebrate the end of a school year than with one last test? Or, in this case, Youth Room trivia. Trivia is an easy win for groups of all sizes, and where useless knowledge means greatness. The playing field is for all, from presidents to pop culture, lyrics to lifestyle brands!