Chapter 2 – Difficulties in Prayer

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      Lee Grzywinski

      Hello faithful readers!

      I love how Hallesby points out three very important things in this chapter: prayer is difficult, it is the Holy Spirit Who reaches us to pray rightly, and what it really means to pray in the name of Jesus.

      Prayer is difficult because we see it as something we do. Sometimes as something we have to do. But prayer is not a work for us to do. Prayer is turning to God to do the work. Which brings us to the other two points.

      First, it is the Spirit and the Spirit alone Who can teach us to pray rightly. Hallesby says this multiple times to hammer the point home. This book is great, and it offers wonderful insights into prayer, but we must be taught by the Spirit. This is where patience and perseverance are needed. We must pray without ceasing. Then, we must be patient, knowing that God will answer. Sometimes, that means being patient until we realize after the fact that God did, in fact, answer our prayer. As Hallesby said, we often miss the answer because it was not the answer we were seeking. But we don’t seek answers in prayer. We seek God.

      Second, praying in the name of Christ is praying for the sake of Christ. In other words, the answer we should want to our prayers are answers that will most glorify Him, expand His kingdom, and be for the good of His name. This is a game-changer. Our prayers are not “God, this is what I need, now do this for me,” they are to be, “God, this is what I need, now do what You will for the glory of the name of Jesus.” This should open our eyes and our hearts to His answers, and give us patience as we await His answer.

      What did you all think?

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      Lisa McFarland

      Since faith is necessary for prayer response, if you question yours simply pray in the name of Jesus. Is what I think Hallesby is trying to say.

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      Blanca Saccomanno

      I’m still on chapter1 a bit confused as to what he is saying about our role in getting answer to prayers. Is he saying that without faith God cannot answer prayers because our lack faith hinders a response? Or that simply coming to God in prayer is an act of faith; we can then express or doubts and lack of faith.

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      Joe Del Grande

      I loved this chapter and hope that it truly transforms my prayer life. There are two things that stood out to me. First on page 38 Jesus takes our weak hand and places it in his own strong hand. He beckons us to come to him if we ever get into trouble And he will give us everything we need.

      The second important note was how Mary approached Jesus at the wedding. She simply stated the problem about how to solve it. Going forward, I want to pray the same way. I want to come to him in my helplessness, tell him the need for me, my family or my loved ones without telling him how to solve it. And then, trust him to do what’s best.

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      Nayara Jordan

      The example of praying for unconverted family members really spoke to me on pages 54-55. It was comforting to be reminded than God loves my family more than I do. When I pray for them, the idea of Him praying along with me is also comforting.

      A lot of the themes and words were freeing, as common lies or burdens we place on ourselves regarding prayer were made plain. I pray for myself and for all of us reading that prayer would be and feel like our resting place.

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