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Carolyn Hayes

I must tell you that I’ve read every chapter in Andrew Murray’s book, “Absolute Surrender,” except Chapter Eight: Kept By the Power of God.”
When I read Chapter Nine: “Ye Are the Branches,” I was so taken by the fact that nothing less than our Lord Jesus is the living “water” that brings nourishment to us, the Christians – the branches, who are to rest in the work that Christ Jesus is doing through us. This fact is summed up on page 87 in the third paragraph when Andrew Murray says, “. . . so expect Christ to give His own Holy Spirit into your heart, and then you will bear much fruit. And, if you want to bear “more fruit” – “much more fruit,” then just ask for more of Jesus into your heart and into your life because the life of a fruitful branch is a life of close communion with “The Vine,” Jesus. Therefore, Absolute Surrender to Him is necessary so that He can work through us.
Therefore, my prayer is: “Lord, take everything in my life so that all I do is in harmony with You, My Vine. Even though I don’t fully understand the word ‘surrender,’ Lord, draw me unto You because that is the path I have chosen. I want You, Christ Jesus, to lead me into a deeper and higher blessedness with You because that is Your mind for me. Lord, I am listening to You as You say, ‘I am the Vine – I receive you; I am drawing you unto Myself; I will bless you; I will strengthen you; I will fill you with My Spirit; I, the Vine, have taken you to be one of My branches; I have given Myself utterly to you. Therefore, give yourself utterly to Me. I became Man and died for you, so come and surrender yourself entirely to Me.’ Amen and Amen.”