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Carolyn Hayes

Chapter 5: Things that are impossible for me . . . are possible for God!

Even though my brain knows that God can do all things because He is omnipotent = all powerful . . . because my brain delved into the ‘Essence of God’ when our Bible Study looked deeply into the “Attributes of God;” when my brain prepared lessons for Children’s Church about a teenage virgin being told by the Angel Gabriel that she would be the mother of the Son of God; when my brain prepared a lesson for last year’s Vacation Bible School about Abraham and Sarah having a son in their very old age . . . yes, my brain knows these and many other truths in the Bible proving that God can do the impossible, yet I, as a mere mortal, seem to beat my head against the wall trying to do what I cannot accomplish without God. If only I would surrender my SELF, let go of what I’m holding onto, and allow my heart to completely understand that I must let God do the work He started within me when I became a Christian. Since I haven’t yet learned this truth, hopefully, this chapter will begin a new chapter in my Christian walk so that I will surrender what I need to relinquish, which will, in turn, permit God to do the impossible in my life.
This statement is so true, “The eighteen inches from our brain to our heart is the longest distance between man and God.”
I pray that God takes those eighteen inches within me and begins to shorten that distance so that I become so close to my Lord and Savior, which will allow Him to work the impossible within me. Amen and Amen.