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Carolyn Hayes

I thoroughly enjoyed reading chapter one, and as I was reading, I found five prayers to help me successfully pray for the ability to surrender my entire life to Christ. Knowing that if I ask, God will graciously bestow upon me the emotional strength to achieve Absolute Surrender to my Lord and Savior. One of my favorite prayers was a short prayer found on page 12, “Moment by moment, I’m kept in His love; moment by moment I have life from above.” My Prayer of Conclusion that sums up all of Chapter One is: “Father, through Your Precious Son, Jesus, I pray that I do not worry myself trying to understand all about Absolute Surrender. Instead, I ask You, Father, through Christ that Jesus comes into my heart with both the power of His death and the power of His life. I pray Luke 6:18 that the Holy Spirit will fill me to overflowing – pressed down and shaken together to make room for more of Your blessings bringing Christ crucified, Christ risen, and Christ living in glory to the forefront of my mind, heart, and soul so that I can achieve Complete Surrender. Amen and Amen.