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Nayara Jordan

This is my first time reading this book. I really like it; I feel that Hallesby’s thoughts have real depth yet are meant to come across with simplicity. Though many quotes really resonated with me, my recency bias leads me to reference one of the last examples from Mark of the father and his demon-possessed son who needed healing.

p34-35, “We vacillate between doubt and faith. We are not certain whether we are praying right… And even if we feel certain that what we are praying for is according to the will of God, there is frequently so little earnestness and sincerity in our prayer that we, for that reason, doubt that we will be heard. We feel that it is almost blasphemy toward God to pray in such a state of mind. At such a time it is blessed to know that we have faith enough when we bring our needs to Jesus and leave them with Him… I need not exert myself and try to force myself to believe, or try to chase doubt out of my heart. Both are equally useless. It begins to dawn on me that I can bring everything to Jesus… and I need not be frightened away by my doubts or my weak faith, but only tell Jesus how weak my faith is. I have let Jesus into my heart. And He will fulfill my heart’s desire.”

This quote speaks to me and convicts me most in this season of life. It is a real encouragement!