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Lynne Mazza-Hilway

Yes Amber! I love the way you shared your feedback in bullet points. Very well written and succinct.
Our community group just finished Charles Stanley’s study on “Deepening your Prayer Life” and although I love him and there’s a lot of great information on different areas of prayer in his book, many of us felt degrees of guilt right from the beginning. Like we weren’t really praying correctly, mostly challenged in the lack of time spent listening for God . This first chapter of Hallesby’s book was so refreshing, encouraging and profoundly simple. “It is Jesus who moves us to pray. He knocks at our hearts’ doors. Prayer is something deeper than words, an attitude of helplessness from our hearts and minds. Helplessness is, psychologically, the sustaining and impelling power of prayer. Yet without faith there can be no prayer. True prayer is a fruit of helplessness and faith. Even a weak, unstable and doubting faith is heard and answered.” Praise God! All we need to do is “permit the infinite God to have mercy on us, to love us and care for us.”