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Amber Duca

Common sense alludes me and I tend to over-spiritualize so these things have helped me have perspective:
– I thank God, literally, that my prayers are not reliant on my power.
– As sure as the air our body needs is around us and on all sides of us at all times, is the same way God is around us.
– A sick person cannot will themselves well. “Treatment” may be most successful when we are still and being submissive, exerting neither intellect nor will.
– Jesus is undisturbed by my impatience.
– God knows the moment I am seized with helplessness and He becomes actively engaged.
– As an infant surrenders to its mother’s care, so must I, to Jesus.
– My self-conceit and self-sufficiency get in the way of my helplessness, fuel my anxiety, and steal my peace.
– Helplessness goes against what the world tells me, but, it feels freeing to know that in my helplessness I will not be overtaken by difficulty, disturbed by distress, or frightened by any hindrance.
– Expect nothing of myself and bring everything to God.
– Faith vs. unbelief vs. doubt = I do trust Jesus and I don’t have to fear my doubts or weak faith, but only tell Jesus how weak my faith is.